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Make contact: Sakura adds two new lures for European pike fishing


The Sakura brand has introduced two new lures specifically designed to catch pike in Europe – the Baffeur Jerk and Dekai Swimbait.

Both these lures contain many technical advantages that make them more effective, whether cast by experts or beginners, says the man who designed them, Tanguy Marlin.

The Baffeur Jerk is a pike lure in the purest tradition of jerkbaits. Available in two sizes – 100mm (41g) and 125mm (69g) – it is a slow sinking lure with a depth range of up to two metres. Its flat-sided silhouette is designed to work at any depth and for any size of pike. And its zigzag swimming action is very easy to induce by tip strokes or by cranking the reel in a jerky retrieve.

Made of reinforced ABS, the lure is silent and has an internal, full wire, stainless steel frame capable of handling the largest specimens as well as exotic predators such as the aïmara, the peacock bass and others.

An extra caudal eyelet has been positioned at the tail end to allow for the addition of a teaser to increase the attraction. Marlin recommends JMC Pike Tails. They do not interfere with the swimming and behaviour of the lure and they add an attractive element which really makes a difference when compared with similar lures.

The Dekai Swimbait is a pre-rigged 150mm soft swimbait weighing 56.6g and with a depth range of up to two metres. Also created in Sakura’s Bordeaux office, it has a very specific density thanks to its special polymer body.

Robust and flexible at the same time, the Dekai can be cast great distances very easily, assures Marlin, and its swaying action handles variations in the rhythm of retrieve without losing efficiency. The pulses emitted by the Dekai tail are ‘incredibly powerful,’ even in slow recovery, he says.

Sakura has installed a very effective retractable hook rig which avoids fish coming off the lure. Ideally positioned and mounted on a rolling swivel, the forged, black nickel and ultra-sharp treble hook will hold the biggest of catches. Recommended as the ideal lure for fishing in shallow areas, the Dekai Swimbait is still capable of raising pike from the depths with its striking silhouette and powerful vibration.


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