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Spanish saltwater specialist lines up five brands for European expansion


Spanish supplier Elyman Iberica can’t wait to be at EFTTEX, but sadly that won’t be this year. The Budapest show taking place in a few weeks’ time would appear to be the perfect platform for a company that has set it sights on European expansion. So why the absence?

Andrés Orts Pérez, Elyman’s International Sales Manager, explains. “It is the most important exhibition in Europe and we will certainly be there next year to meet customers and get to know the European market. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend this year because we have given priority to the development of domestic products and services. The show has come a little too early.”

When the multi-brand business does make it to the resurgent show it aims to return with a dossier of distributors to help it grow strategically throughout Europe. In the meantime, it is focused on developing relevant products and prioritising a list of target countries.

Elyman’s products are already successful in Spain and Portugal, where it manages its own distribution. Now it wants to work with distributors in other Mediterranean countries and Scandinavian territories where saltwater fishing is popular.

“Our initial priority is saltwater because our products are designed mainly for trolling and vertical fishing,” says Orts. “Many of our products are also effective for freshwater fishing, so ultimately we are looking to expand our distribution network as much as possible.”

But with a long and successful history in its domestic market, why has Elyman chosen now for this bold expansion plan? “Our products are currently only available in the Iberian Peninsula,” Orts tells Angling International from his Alicante office. “We need to increase sales to get better production prices to compete against the big multinationals, and that needs orders from Europe. Doing business in just two countries is not enough. Also we are now ready as a company. We have done our homework, developing and testing hundreds of products, and the time has come for us to play in the Champions League.”

Elyman designs and creates all its own products, which are then tested in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Price points are set at levels that will give distributors a good margin but keep them accessible for the end user. The company is looking for distributors and wholesalers with proven experience and with good capacity warehousing, and believes it has plenty to offer those who meet the requirements. “We are a responsible company that fulfils client agreements,” says Orts.

“We listen to each market and its needs and we can be trusted because we give absolute guarantees on products, service times and product replacement. In addition, we distribute major brands including Owner, Prohunter and Maxel in Spain and Portugal, so we understand our customers. We operate on both sides of the business. We are also keen to listen in order to develop products relevant to a particular market, because we know that each market is different.

“Elyman is a specialist in sea, big game, tropical fishing, jigging, slow jigging, deep trolling, squid fishing, popping, spinning and other techniques, so we have everything for shops to make the full offer to their customers. Our product catalogue is growing continuously.”

The brands of Elyman Iberica

There are five main brands under the Elyman Iberica umbrella: Tunita, Jinkai, Maguro, CYL and Whiffis, all of which are registered as trademarks in Europe. Tunita specialises in all kinds of lures, hard and soft, for spinning, trolling, jigging, slow jigging and big game fishing, while Jinkai is the Elyman brand for fishing accessories, especially lines, gloves and various tools. Maguro is the go-to brand for reels, rods, coolers and other big ticket products; and Whiffis offers customers a wide range of quality lines.


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