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Mustad has bass market in its sights with AlphaPoint hooks


As sportfishing continuously develops, so must the requisite terminal tackle. That’s the driving thought behind Mustad’s upcoming introductions, which expand the company’s AlphaPoint tech into a wider hook selection and see the launch of the all-new Demon Link terminal tackle range.

While recent years have seen Mustad broaden its offerings to include fishing rods, lures, tools, accessories and tackle storage, the Norway-based company, founded in 1832, remains true to its hook-crafting roots.

Continuing along a path of innovation and expansion, which includes last year’s release of JawLok inline treble hooks and Heritage fly hooks, Mustad now announces its full line-up of AlphaPoint hooks.

Made of high carbon alloy wire, which reduces flex for harder hooks and provides faster penetration, each AlphaPoint hook features a point that is 4.8 times longer than the wire diameter, making it slimmer and stickier than the UltraPoint. This super-sharp hook with a longer point achieves greater penetration with less hook-set pressure.

“The objective with AlphaPoint is to make the sharpest available point on the market, while maintaining extreme durability,” says Global Product Manager Reid McKinstry. “AlphaPoint is a complementary product range to our UltraPoint hooks, which have long life cycles and are especially suited to saltwater applications and heavy fishing techniques. We developed the new AlphaPoint line to grow business in the technical fishing and soft plastic spaces, particularly in the freshwater bass market.”

Made with Mustad’s durability-enhancing Opti-Angle technology, both UltraPoint and AlphaPoint are built to tackle big fish and keep them buttoned up catch after catch; but while the former handles the bone-jarring, run-stopping work, the latter is designed more for precision.

Mustad’s new AlphaPoint line-up includes jig heads, assist rigs and bait hooks for saltwater and freshwater applications, but McKinstry says hooks for the freshwater bass soft plastics market take centre-stage. Designed with tactically shaped bends for maximum efficiency, the AlphaPoint bass hooks cover the full range of common techniques from flipping and punching to drop-shotting, swimbait fishing and treble hook baits – all with Mustad’s proprietary TitanX finish (a super thin nano coating) or TitanSteel (zinc nickel electroplate).

“We will upgrade some existing ranges to AlphaPoint and new coating technologies, but we’re also introducing some new styles – or reintroducing them from the Mustad vault – across both freshwater and saltwater spheres,” says Eddie Payton, Mustad Marketing Manager EMEA. “These new styles hit growing opportunities in European markets as well as established markets globally.”

Demon Link

Covering a range of needs and budgets, Mustad’s Demon Link terminal tackle series offers a value level, a premium high-carbon range and the Demon Stainless Steel series. Building each level with the unwavering dependability for which it’s known, Mustad offers a collection of connecting tackle that serves the needs of casual fishermen, tournament anglers and those who make their living on the water.

Packed with purpose

Bringing an instantly recognisable look to its new line-up, Mustad presents the AlphaPoint and Demon Link products in new packaging that aims to reduce single-use plastics. Part of a rebranding effort, the new-look showcases new products while reinforcing Mustad’s environmental commitment. “The new packaging that supports these product launches also expresses our core company value of sustainability and the reduction of single use plastics,” Reid McKinstry says. “It’s a challenge to completely eliminate plastic because we want customers to be able to see our products, but we’re reducing our plastic consumption drastically with this update and have bold ambitions to continue reducing the impact on our waters.”

• Mustad will be introducing its new products at this year’s ICAST trade show in Orlando, Florida, in July. In the meantime, find out more about AlphaPoint hooks and DemonLink terminal tackle at mustad-fishing.com

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