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‘Hot’ Japanese bass bait now available in US


Yamatanuki, widely credited as the bait that started the heavy soft plastics trend, is now available in the US.

Hugely popular in Japan, the stickbait is now poised to make a big impact on the biggest bass tournament scene in the world.

Cody Meyer, a pro with Yamamoto Baits, part of the GSM Outdoors family of brands, is already a big fan. “I’m so excited about this bait,” he says. “Fishing these heavy plastic baits is one of the hottest techniques, especially in Japan.”

The 3.5 inch Yamatanuki can be fished weightless because of a heavy profile weighing 5/8 ounce.

“The Yamatanuki sinks perfectly, goes down horizontally and its tail gives a one-of-a-kind quiver action,” added Meyer. “I like to fish it in grass and heavy rocks where jigs typically snag. Everybody in Japan has been trying to copy this heavy stickbait. It’s going to be a big deal.”

Other GSM Outdoors fishing brands include Bill Lewis, Steelshad and Buckeye Lures.

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