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PRADCO-Fishing ‘steps up to plate’ with $150,000 community donation


PRADCO-Fishing – one of the world’s major producer’s of lures – has made a $150,000 donation to a community facility in its home state of Arkansas.

The US-based owner of some of the best known bass baits on the planet has made the donation to the Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center, the top attraction in the region dedicated to showcasing the great outdoors to the next generation.

The destination facility promotes the joys of nature through features that include a series of trails, in-house exhibitions and outdoor activities for visitors to try, including fishing on Wells Lake, a popular venue that is supported by PRADCO.

The money has been pledged to a ‘reimagine’ project at the centre that is designed to modernise the attraction to appeal to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

PRADCO-Fishing’s Vice President and General Manager, Bruce Stanton (main picture), revealed its donation and support for the initiative at a special presentation at the centre last week. The company’s involvement has been described as ‘vital’ to the initiative by Deke Whitbeck, President of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation.

He told Angling International: “PRADCO has put its money where its mouth is. It has shown a sheer passion for getting the next generation to unplug their phones and go out to enjoy the great outdoors.

“PRADCO values what our mission is and its status as a community leader will attract the attention of other like-minded businesses in the state to put us on the path to success in revitalising a very important – and free – amenity within Arkansas. PRADCO’s involvement will have a ripple effect across the business community. This lead contribution will see others follow in its wake.”

Stanton added: “The Janet Huckabee Arkansas Nature Centre is important to the state community and the team members at PRADCO and their children who enjoy their time there. The company is proud to be able to step up to the plate and make the financial commitment to ensure it remains relevant to the younger generation.”

He added that in addition to PRADCO’s donation, the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation has weighed in with $350,000. “We hope that we can eventually hit a target of $1m.” Attending the event were dignitaries from the community including the Mayor of Fort Smith, George McGill, alongside a strong contingent of press and a crowd of more than 100, many of them PRADCO employees.

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