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Floatzilla delivers edge for Bassmaster runner-up


Floatzilla, a bass fishing accessory first introduced at last year’s ICAST, made its mark at last weekend’s Bassmaster Classic.

The buoyant, airtight capsule, designed to float baits up off the bottom, was used by Brian Schmitt to clinch second place and a $50,000 payday.

“We are always looking for an edge… and this is one that worked for me,” said Schmitt, who finished just 1lb 9oz behind winner Jeff Gustafson.

Floatzilla inventor Doug Reed (left in picture) came up with the device to suspend baits above rocks and grass and to add natural movement. After making prototypes in his garage, Reed teamed up with marketing executive Jerry Phlippeau (right) to get the product to market.

Added Schmitt: “When you get a normal soft plastic bait into an area near fish it will slowly fall down on the bottom. To have something that floats your bait up without moving it from the spot drives them crazy. It gives you more confidence. And there’s no down time… you screw it in and you’re fishing.”

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