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New UK coarse brand launches website


Nytro, the new brand from UK tackle supplier Sonik Sports, has gone live with its website.

Essentially a coarse brand, Nytro will have a clear focus on feeder tackle in the first year, with products online and in the shops this month.

“We’re delighted to have the site up and running,” said Pascal Vermeulen, Sonik’s Managing Director Europe. “We have chosen to lead with feeder fishing because it is the most common market across Europe and the UK.

“The feeder rods and reels are designed for both commercials and natural venues, with some pellet waggler rods in the commercial range to appeal to a wide audience.”

In addition to rods and reels, the site introduces other items including match luggage, EVA storage solutions, braid and mono lines, brollies, seat boxes and a feeder chair, nets and match wear.

The site also reveals that Nytro has lots of other products in the pipeline, with work underway on a range of accessories.

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