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UK trade body extends Take A Friend Fishing initiative


There will be two opportunities for the tackle industry to engage in this year’s Take A Friend Fishing (TAFF) initiative run by the Angling Trades Association (ATA), the voice of the UK angling trade.

TAFF Easter runs from April 1st to April 16th inclusive, while TAFF National Fishing Month takes place from July 29th to September 3rd inclusive. The extended programme is a key element of the ATA’s continued efforts to grow participation in the sport.

Both events allow existing licence holders to register for a free one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency to take someone they know fishing. In 2022 over 6,000 people took part.

“After the success of last year, I am looking forward to building momentum again in 2023 with this extended programme,” said ATA Chairman Andrew Race. “TAFF is capable of making such a difference, not only to the long-term development of angling recruitment, but also to peoples’ lives.

“Angling is a proven therapy both mentally and physically and it knows no boundaries in terms of ability, age, sex or background.”

The ATA’s many partners in organising TAFF include the Environment Agency and the Canal & River Trust.

John Ellis, National Fisheries and Angling Manager at the Canal & River Trust, added: “We are delighted to work alongside the ATA to support TAFF. Our Trust looks after 2,000 miles of canal fishery and over 70 reservoirs. We will encourage members of the 250 angling clubs that rent water from us to help grow their memberships by getting existing members to take a friend fishing.”

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