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Livingston on crusade to bring EBS sound tech to Europe


US brand Livingston Lures – maker of the EBS technology that emits the biological sounds made by baitfish – is returning to EFTTEX on a continuing crusade to bring the groundbreaking development to the European market.

It is keen to build on the success of its two previous appearances at the show which included Budapest in 2017. Erick Arnoldson, Vice President of Sales at the Texas business, told Angling International: “We want to expand into the European market and EFTTEX is the best place to meet wholesalers and distributors.”

Arnoldson says that its EBS (Electronic Baitfish Sounds) technology has been scientifically verified to catch more fish. “Manufacturers have been making lures with rattles, which is an unnatural sound for fish.

“EBS technology replicates the actual biological sounds made by baitfish in distress. Scientific studies at Texas State University have proved that fish use both audible triggers and perception to track and attack prey. Natural sounds from the Livingston EBS are detected from outside the visual range, doubling the effective strike zone compared to traditional lures.

“Sound is proved to be the number one attractant to fish, rather than smell, which according to scientists, comes 16th on the list.”

He added that Livingston has ready-made lures with EBS for pike – one of the reasons why the company is coming to EFTTEX to get its message across. “Europe is one of the largest regions in the world for pike fishing,” said Arnoldson.

“Lures are catching big pike in places like Ireland, Norway and Sweden. We have a selection of baits with EBS that will go down a storm in the region. Our technology means that if a lure looks like a pike or baitfish, it sounds like a pike or baitfish.”

New products for Europe will be shown off by Livingston, including the Titan, described as the number one pike and muskie lure. “It has already sold 15,000 units, including 4,000 within the first 18 hours of its launch,” said Arnoldson.

Other lures to interest the pike angler include the soon-to-be-released Titan Junior, Jerkmaster 254 (bottom of picture below), Flipper (top of picture below) and Chatterbait (above).

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