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EFTTEX is ‘Europe’s most important show’ says Hungary’s oldest baitmaker


Hungary’s oldest maker of bait is adamant about the status of EFTTEX.

“It is the most important exhibition for everyone involved in the European fishing world,” says Bertalan Szikszai, of Dovit, the business that was started over half a century ago.

“We are the oldest company of our type in the country, but our products are not known in some parts of Europe. Therefore it is important for us to present our portfolio at EFTTEX to seek new partners.

“Unfortunately EFTTEX has not taken place since 2019 and we have not had the opportunity to meet other businesses. With this in mind, I think there will be a lot of interest in the show this year.”

Dovit lists its homeland and neighbouring countries, including Romania and Slovakia, as its most important markets. “We also have partners in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova and Poland,” added Szikszai.

“We are hopeful that after this exhibition Dovit products will be appearing on the shelves of tackle shops in other countries.”

Dovit will be presenting many new products at EFTTEX, including a Base Method Mix and a Carp Juice additive.

The ingredients of the Base Method Mix are ground to almost flour-like consistency, making them suitable for any method feeder. They are said to be very attractive to carp and grass carp because of the high carbohydrate content. The strong release of their colours and aromas makes them ideal for fast-paced feeder sessions.

Its Carp Juice additives are PVA friendly, making them suitable for both feeder and carp fishing. They can be used to further enhance the effectiveness of pellets, seed mixes or boilies.

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