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Award winner backs ‘Let’s Get Back Together’ message


One company that appreciates the EFTTEX mantra ‘Let’s Get Back Together’ is award-winning Hungarian tackle supplier Cralusso.

The company, which was awarded three winners prizes and one runners-up prize at this year’s EFTTEX Digital Awards, says that it is important for it to meet with its partners in person and that in each of its last ten appearances at the European showcase it has expanded its business relationships.

Cralusso enjoyed a successful EFTTEX Digital Awards – winning three categories with its Navigator Feeder Energy line (General & Coarse/Line), its fully natural Jelly Corn hookbaits (Carp & Feeder/Hookbait) and the Pro Carbon float (General & Coarse/Terminal Tackle). Each will have pride of place at its booth in Budapest.

Cralusso is also looking forward to presenting its environmentally-friendly hookbait in shell and snail-shaped versions in larger baskets, which was runner-up in the Carp & Feeder/Terminal Tackle category.

It said: “We are looking forward to presenting our innovative EFTTEX winning products across Europe and also to promote our OEM portfolio which is readily available. We are also proud to be working with the disabled and have provided 40 workplaces for them.”

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