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Californian saltwater anglers face more fishing closures


More saltwater fishing closures look likely for California as an executive order for the state’s 30×30 plan continues to exclude recreational fishing input.

President Biden’s programme aims to conserve 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030. But while the initiative appears more fishing friendly at a federal level, sea fishing in the Golden State looks to be under more serious threat.

The American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) highlights the issue in an e-blast distributed this week headed ‘More Fishing Closures Ahead.’

“There’s more disappointing news for California saltwater anglers as the 30×30 process continues down an anti-fishing path,” warns AFTCO. “Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order continues to exclude recreational saltwater fishing input.

“Unless the process drastically changes, AFTCO believes more unnecessary fishing closures are ahead.”

The 30×30 programme is a global initiative that in 2021 became official policy in the US, where it is also known as ‘America the Beautiful.’

The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is equally vehement about the path being taken by California. “After over a year of the sportfishing community and others trying to partner with the state of California to create a broader based, more middle ground approach to the marine portion of the programme, we continue to be shut out of any meaningful input into the process,” says the CCA on its website.

“It is now crystal clear, the fix is in. [More closures] will result not only in a major blow to California’s sportfishing industry and community, who are the state’s original marine conservationists, but to the marine resource as well.

“The fishing public, marine science, the middle ground perspective and anybody else who does not support its No-Fishing Marine Protected Area (MPA) goal has been shut out of the process.”

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