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Pure Fishing joins initiative to increase angler numbers


Pure Fishing has agreed a new collaboration to help increase the number of anglers in the US.

The multi-brand owner, which counts PENN, Abu Garcia, Plano, Hardy, Shakespeare and Savage Gear among its 19-strong portfolio, has partnered with Take Me Fishing to equip one of its Mobile First Catch Centres.

Pure Fishing’s donation to the South Carolina centre will allow the state’s Department of Natural Resources to provide hands-on fishing opportunities and conservation education to multi-cultural audiences in metropolitan areas across the state.

Take Me Fishing is operated by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), the organisation dedicated to driving participation in the US. Its Mobile First Catch Centres were launched in 2018 as a pilot programme in Texas and Pennsylvania to encourage the next generation of anglers.

“Pure Fishing is honoured to support the first Mobile First Catch Centre in our home state,” said Marc Kempter, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Pure Fishing.

“Initiatives like this are innovative ways to bring fishing to metropolitan areas and introduce the sport to a new generation of anglers.”

The RBFF’s President and CEO, Dave Chanda, added: “This collaboration between industry and state is the type of cooperation needed to continue attracting new anglers and boaters.”

Anyone interested in supporting a Take Me Fishing Mobile First Catch Centre through donation or sponsorship should contact Rachel Auslander, the RBFF’s Director of Partnerships and Development at rauslander@rbff.org

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