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New Vanquish hailed as ‘pinnacle’ of finesse fishing reels


It’s a big week for Shimano fans as the revered reel manufacturer launches the new Vanquish, proclaimed as ‘the pinnacle of finesse fishing reels’.

The Vanquish – the flagship in the Magnumlite series – is described by Shimano as ‘beyond lightness’, with a company spokesperson saying: “This is the pinnacle of lightweight engineering, going beyond lightness for finesse anglers seeking the ultimate performance. Probably the most pleasing aspect of the reel is its responsiveness and sensitivity.”

This latest Vanquish is designed to be perfect for techniques that target perch, black bass, trout and zander. The mid-sized 3000 Vanquish weighs a remarkable 170g.

However, the larger 4000 and 5000 models can be used for heavier techniques and species, including large crankbait fishing and inshore saltwater spinning where power and control are key requirements.

The new reel incorporates Shimano’s very top technologies, including its exclusive C14+ composite, INFINITYROSS for increased cranking efficiency, INFINITYLOOP for improved casting, INFINITYDRIVE to maintain consistent cranking pressure and X-PROTECT to keep water and dirt out of internal components.

An additional feature is the ANTI-TWIST FIN which, by controlling the line tension around the bail-arm/line roller area, eliminates loops and tangles.

“In use, the advantages are immediately noticeable, delivering precision performance like never before,” says Shimano. “We have erased any unwanted play in every component, which further enhances the meticulous precision of the reel.”

The Vanquish is available in 12 models, from an ultra-small 1000 size to the powerful 5000 size.

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