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‘Strong build and quality’: Googan Squad Green and Gold reels are now available


The highly-anticipated line of spinning reels from The Googan Squad – a partner of the Catch Co group of brands – is now available.

The Green and Gold series reels, first introduced to the trade at the ICAST show in July, fill one of the few remaining categories not occupied by Googan Squad products.

“Their release has been years in the making and we are so proud to continue our collaboration with The Googan Squad,” said Ross Gordon, CEO of Catch Co. “The level of workmanship and detail that has gone into these impressive reels is testament to the commitment that the Googan Squad and the Catch Co team have to their customers.”

The Green Series (above) is packed with premium features that include a carbon frame and aluminium sideplate for maximum strength and weight reduction, a carbon fibre drag and a slow oscillation system for line management and long casting. The series is available in sizes 1000 and 2500, which retail at $99.99.

The Gold Series (below) targets anglers demanding detail and top performance and come with custom-forged aluminium gears to extend the life of the reel and a slow oscillation system. They are also available in 1000 and 2500 sizes and retail at $129.99.

“We learned Googan fans were not interested in specs just for the sake of marketing, like adding extra bearings simply to say there are more of them,” said Gabe Prero, Head of Design at Catch Co. “Instead we focused on durability and creating a dependable reel. Strong build and quality components – that’s what we have invested in.”

The partnership between the two businesses began several years ago with Catch Co sponsoring videos from the The Googan Squad and has developed into a collaboration on product development and distribution.

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