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Lead tackle still reigns for Do-It Holds


The use of lead in fishing tackle may be a controversial issue in the sport, but it has not prevented Do-It Holds from introducing custom tackle Starter Lead Kits.

The Iowa company has been a leader in the custom tackle sector for more than 55 years and has been producing a wide range of lead jig and lure moulds as well as other accessories for custom tackle makers.

The new kits are designed to make getting started simple and cost effective by bundling everything together in one affordable package.

“Our goal is to educate anglers on the many benefits of custom tackle making,“ said Do-It Holds’ Mark Krambs. “These kits allow anybody to pick a lure profile, get the materials and components and get started with what we hope is a lifetime of custom tackle making.”

The new kits are available in five of the most popular jig profiles – the Midwest Finesse, Weedless Midwest Finesse, Wacky Head, Weedless Football and Weedless Army jig moulds. They can be purchased with or without the melter and lead ingot. Prices vary on the jig profile.

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