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EFTTEX reaches out to consumers for the first time with Anglers’ Choice awards


A new awards showcase launched this month is the first step towards ‘closing the gap’ between the EFTTEX trade show and consumers.

The show’s organisers say that there are already plans to enlarge the EFTTEX Anglers’ Choice awards to give exhibitors a regular and direct line to anglers when they present their products at the show in 2023.

The EFTTEX Anglers’ Choice Awards was launched at the beginning of December in partnership with Tacklestream, the online platform owned by Angling International and designed to showcase new tackle to consumers. Anglers from across Europe are currently voting at the Tacklestream platform for their favourites from among the winners of October’s EFTTEX Best New Product Awards across six categories: Spinning & Baitcasting, Saltwater, General & Coarse, Fly Fishing, Carp & Feeder and Apparel & General. Voting will continue until December 31st and the six winners of the first ever EFTTEX Anglers’ Choice Awards will be announced in early January.

Istvan Pal, one of the co-founders of EFTTEX Trading Ltd, which now operates the EFTTEX show, said: “The angling market is changing, so EFTTEX is changing too. Our exhibitors expect to reach beyond the hall of the trade show, and not just to their customers in the industry. They want to reach consumers and excite them about new products.

“We plan to help them do just that. The EFTTEX Anglers’ Choice Awards is the first step towards creating a B2B2C marketing platform for brands launching new tackle in Europe. EFTTEX will continue to be a meeting place for the trade. But with our increased online presence we are closing the gap between EFTTEX and consumers.”

EFTTEX Trading Ltd co-founder Istvan Pal (left) with EFTTEX judge Giuseppe Motisi at the Digital Best New Product Awards in October.

With new products at the heart of the show, EFTTEX is ideally placed to help brands launch products to both the trade and consumers, although a vital first step is to increase awareness amongst consumers. “That is essential,” says Pal, “and it’s why we are launching the Anglers’ Choice awards right now ahead of a wider platform in 2023.

“Until now, the EFTTEX name has meant almost nothing to consumers, but by reaching them online and giving them the chance to choose their favourite products from our shortlist of EFTTEX winners, we are creating awareness of the EFTTEX brand. It means they will be more receptive to our messages before, during and after EFTTEX 2023 in Budapest.

“EFTTEX will be known as the go-to platform for new tackle in Europe. And by regularly talking about new products on behalf of our exhibitors, we will be giving them a direct line to anglers that adds great value to participating at the trade show itself.”

Anglers are currently being reached online by the winning brands from October’s EFTTEX New Product Awards, who all have an interest in generating voting support from their social media followers in order to finish top of their categories. Tacklestream is also directly publicising the vote to its followers and website visitors. As an extra incentive, all voters are also entered into a prize draw to win €1000 worth of fishing tackle and a chance to visit the EFTTEX show in Budapest in June.

But the voting is not limited to followers of the shortlisted brands. The message from EFTTEX to the wider trade is: spread the word because we will all benefit from growing the awareness of the show.

Says Pal: “By creating awareness of EFTTEX amongst consumers, it means an EFTTEX award carries more significance. That will encourage more brands to enter the awards, giving us more content to publicise online and generate yet more interest amongst anglers. By working together, we can stimulate the market for new fishing tackle in Europe. Plus, of course, if you exhibit at EFTTEX and win a New Product Award and then an Anglers’ Choice award, you have a priceless launchpad for your new product.”

And it starts now, says Pal. “The more anglers that engage with the current Anglers’ Choice Awards, the wider the audience we will have for marketing next year’s entries into the EFTTEX Best New Product Awards. I urge all media outlets and retailers to share the links to the online voting to their customers and social media followers. It costs nothing to tell anglers but the pay-off for the wider trade will be huge. And if you are a brand? Well, next time it could be you taking advantage and promoting your product for an Anglers’ Choice award.”

• To encourage your social media followers to vote in the Anglers’ Choice awards before December 31st and to drive up brand awareness for EFTTEX amongst consumers, post this link in your posts. Every one of your followers that has his or her vote registered will be entered into the prize draw in January.

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