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France puts tackle suppliers on red alert over new ‘green’ obligations


Fishing tackle manufacturers in France and any businesses which export goods to the country face paying for the recycling of those products at the end of their life cycle.

As part of its ‘polluter pays’ principal, new legislation brought in by the French Government requires manufacturers, distributors and importers of fishing tackle to manage the end of life of their equipment.

They must pay a financial contribution, which is passed onto consumers, to Ecologic, the state approved organisation responsible for the recycling of end-of-use sport and leisure products – including fishing tackle. The list of items that are affected include poles, reels, landing nets, fishing boxes, disgorgers, hooks, lures, sinkers, floats, line and wire products.

Fishing tackle stores throughout France are required to take back items for recycling depending on the size of their sales area. The parameters are:
• Stores that sell fishing items over an area of more than 200m2 are required to take back one item for every item purchased;
• Stores that sell fishing items over an area of more than 400m2 are required to take back an item even if no purchase has been made.

A spokesperson for Ecologic said: “This process ensures that all sectors of the fishing industry are supporting the move to protect the environment. Its success is a collective effort. It is also a question of image for the brands as they are being seen to meet the expectations of consumers.”

For more information on the requirements of the legislation go to the Ecologic website at: www.ecologic-france.com

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