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Thomas Wæver leaves Fairpoint Outdoors to pursue ‘new challenge’


Thomas Wæver, a well-known and highly respected industry figure, is looking for a new challenge after leaving Danish tackle company Fairpoint Outdoors.

Following ten years as Vice President and Outdoor Director at premium and award-winning eyewear specialist Wiley X, he joined the Danish-based Fairpoint Outdoors selling the Westin and Kinetic brands in August 2020, where despite COVID and a war in Europe, he managed to double the turnover of the Fairpoint Export Division.

He told Angling International: “It has been a privilege to work for great companies like Wiley X and Fairpoint Outdoors and I have really enjoyed my roles at both companies. I have been very fortunate to turn my positions there into a way of life.

“I’m a strong believer that people buy from those they like and trust. I have always worked with a high level of structure and thrived in my positions, always focusing on leading by example.

“Throughout my career I have worked in sales and for more than the last 15, it has been internationally, where I have built up a great network of business partners and friendships. I’m an experienced professional with a global reach in the retail and distribution industry. I’m determined that my next step will involve international sales responsibility.” 

He added that his ability to develop strong relationships, plus his loyalty to those he has worked for will stand him in good stead for the next part of his professional journey. For both Wiley X and Fairpoint Outdoors he leaves a significant footprint.

Thomas is now ready to open a new chapter in his career and should you want to get in contact with him directly, you can reach him via his details below.

+45 2217 4950

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