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Industry urged to support ‘Giving Tuesday’ initiative


US body, The Future Angling Foundation (FAF), is calling on the angling industry and fishermen of all backgrounds to support its programmes on Giving Tuesday (November 29th).

The Foundation’s goal is to introduce new people to fishing through educational, promotional and grassroots efforts that recruit, retain and reactivate anglers and boaters.

“Giving Tuesday is the non-profit world’s Super Bowl,” said FAF President, Patrick Neu. “There are a great many causes to choose from, but few have the opportunity to change the lives of the masses that FAF provides. Creating anglers and boaters is a mission we believe has a truly positive impact on those who participate.”

FAF supports individuals and organisations that volunteer their time and money to teach those who want to learn more. It focuses on education and hands-on participation in sportfishing, using skilled leaders and engaging curriculums. It also offers grants for schools, tournaments and other partner programmes.

NEU said that FAF’s footprint in the US has grown in the past ten years, boosted by a partnership with Discover Mediaworks (DMW) in 2018 through the Getting Families Fishing and Boating programmes that air on its Outdoors Television Network.

“We look forward to expanding our influence through the series in the years to come,” said DMW CEO Mark Rose.

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