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Industry gets say on US tariffs on Chinese imports


The controversial issue of China tariffs has raised its head again this week as the US Trade Representative (USTR) has announced that it is open for public comments.

China tariffs affect a wide range of materials and products and have had a significant affect on the fishing tackle industry.

The move presents the opportunity for domestic affected industries to comment about the on-the-ground impacts of China (or 301) tariffs, explained Matt Mullin, the American Fly Fishing Association’s Capital Hill Advisor.

USTR will use that information to determine whether to: 1) extend/amend tariffs; 2) eliminate tariffs; or 3) issue/(re)issue exclusions from tariffs.

The public comment process is designed to ask detailed questions about the impact of actions on US workers, small US businesses, US manufacturing, critical supply chains, US technological leadership and possible tariff inversions.

Regardless of USTR’s conclusions, its action is separate from ongoing Congressional considerations that could supersede its decision(s).

China tariffs  are required to be reviewed every four years. Many 301 tariffs originated in 2018, prompting this latest comment window. 

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