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GABY targets USA with its novelty fish pillows


Anyone who has attended the most recent EFTTEX trade shows cannot have failed to notice GABY Fish Pillows.

Its Polish made, hand-sewn products have been a familiar sight at Europe’s premier trade show and are presented to the winners of the prestigious EFTTEX Awards.

Since its formation in 2012 GABY Fish Pillows has taken a foothold across Europe as well as Australia – through its partnership with the country’s largest tackle supplier BCF – and even Fiji.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the Krakow-based company is eyeing up one of the world’s largest markets as the next step in its evolution – North America. The company’s CEO, Luke Kozinski, told Angling International: “GABY has seen significant growth during the last three years and we feel that now is the time to make some truly prolific steps in the US.

“This could be our most successful strategic goal and an incredible opportunity revenue-wise for a US distributor. We get a lot of requests from the US market, but need to secure a partnership with a client which is able to buy in larger quantities to reduce shipping costs.”

Kozinski added that another country high on its list of export possibilities is Japan. “It is generally considered a country where fish are popular and where people appreciate fish as well as fun, high quality products so it has always been on our ‘to do’ list.

“As a growing small business we offer fantastic communication and that personal approach which is often lacking with large companies. We offer favourable discounts for larger orders and can create custom products or different sizes of existing models. We usually ship within 24 to 48 hours and as everything is made on-site at our facilities, large orders are dealt with very quickly.”

Kozinski added: “Our perfect distribution partner is one with an open mind to new and amusing products and a solid and large client base. Storage space is also key as our products take up more space than traditional fishing items like rods and reels. A good social media presence also helps as it is a good way to get the word out and promote our fun pillows.”

GABY Fish Pillows enjoys a varied client base, but the fishing, aquarium and tourist sectors represent its top clients. “We also deal with fish farming businesses and toy stores and have worked with many charities, symposiums and non-profit organisations that include EFTTA, IGFA and WildTrout,” said Kozinski.

GABY’s partnership with EFTTEX has blossomed since the business first visited the show in Warsaw in 2015 and came up with the idea of presenting its products to the EFTTEX Award winners. “It has been a real success and we will be at the show next year again,” said Kozinski.

GABY now boasts some 120 different products, adding between four to six new ones each year. “Our top sellers are carp, catfish, pike, walleye, perch and trout with freshwater customers and great white shark, tuna, grouper and barracuda amongst the saltwater crowd.

“We are constantly developing new items and it will be only a matter of time before everyone’s favourite fish is available. We listen to the suggestions of our clients and their requests often result in an addition to our portfolio.

“Newcomers for 2022 include the common bream, hammerhead and tiger sharks. We also plan to have some fun items such as puffer fish, whales and exotic species like tiger fish and arapaima in the near future.”

Importantly, and in line with the company’s dedication to keeping the planet green and fish stocks healthy, Kozinski said that GABY’s high quality, hand-sewn products are environmentally-friendly. “They are 100% recyclable, anti-allergenic and made from a vast majority of recycled eco-materials. We aspire to be a company that takes into consideration the wellbeing of the environment in everything we do.”

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