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St. Croix raises $50,000 in quickfire charity sale


Four hours – that’s all it took for 500 St. Croix rods to be snapped up as the Wisconsin company put on a special sale to raise money for Casting for Recovery, the breast cancer charity.

The special run of limited edition rods raised $50,000 to help provide therapeutic outdoor retreats at no cost to participants.

“It was incredibly gratifying to see the angling community rise up and support Casting for Recovery in the way it did,” said St. Croix Vice President of Marketing Jesse Simpkins.

“I’m very proud of our entire team here at St. Croix – the leadership team that pledged full support for this project, the people who crafted these beautiful rods and the marketing team that executed the plan to promote this programme.

“But I’m most proud to be a part of the wonderful community of anglers who stepped up and bought these rods.”

Casting for Recovery has helped deliver healing to more than 11,000 women since the organisation was founded 26 years ago. “Unfortunately we have many more applicants for each retreat than we can facilitate,” said Casting for Recovery CEO Faye Nelson. “So we are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach to help even more women.”

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