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EFTTEX Awards: Fortis Vista eyewear offers total UV protection


UK-based Fortis Eyewear is entering the EFTTEX Awards for the first time with its Vista range of sunglasses.

The company says that the Vistas are based on a base eight curve which offers total protection from unwanted light. They also benefit from 12 vents positioned on the top and sides of the frame which greatly reduces fogging or misting of the lenses.

The tails of the arms are tipped in a rubber material to not only aid comfort but also minimise the unwanted movement of the frames in extreme conditions.

The frames themselves are made from a lightweight PC material which adds to the comfort for long-term wear. Subtle branding sees the company’s logo on each temple.

They feature Fortis Eyewear}s brand new Triple X lenses, which are designed to deliver:

  • eXtra Clarity
  • eXtra Definition
  • eXtra Protection

The company says that the eXtra Clarity is achieved through its ultra-thin lenses, while maintaining high optical precision. “The thinner the lens, the less distortion,” it explains.

The packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

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