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EFTTEX Awards: Shimano introduces most advanced ultra-finesse baitcaster


The Aldebaran BFS is Shimano’s most advanced ultra-finesse baitcasting reel.

Designed for the very lightest lure fishing, this ‘technically brilliant’, lightweight reel can work baits as light as 1g and is a serious alternative to the smallest spinning reels.

“Anglers who have previously only used spinning reels for their ultra-finesse fishing will instantly appreciate the benefits of this model,” says Shimano. “A quick flip of the rod tip will launch the lightest lures into almost friction-free flight. And if conditions change, or you choose a different weight lure, a quick adjustment of the braking dial means you always have the perfect brake setting.”

The lightweight casting performance is provided by the FTB (Finesse Tune Braking) system. This is a combination of magnets and centrifugal force braking which works in harmony with the ultra-light MGL III spool to control braking. The addition of S3D spool design and SilentTune technology further enhances performance.

Internally, Micromodule Gear and X-Ship deliver smooth, powerful and efficient winding power and the overall weight is reduced by using a HAGANE body comprising magnesium and C14+ materials.

Light lure experts who prefer a fast retrieve will appreciate the options of 7.8:1 (HGL) or 8.9:1 (XGL) models which are both fitted with Shimano’s Exciting Drag Sound to improve playing a fish.

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