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EFTTEX Awards: Bantam World Minnow is packed with Shimano technologies


The Bantam World Minnow is a suspending minnow-type lure packed with the latest Shimano technologies.

Featuring Flash Boost and Scale Boost for visual attraction and Jet Boost for long-range casting performance and accuracy, it offers ‘fantastic’ versatility.

It can be used for a wide range of retrieve techniques. At constant speed the lure aggressively wobbles with a tight pattern, but when stopped and jerked, it has a very wide, aggressive sliding-type action that mimics a distressed bait fish.

Fitted with Shimano’s Jet Boost moving weight technology, it will impress how far and accurately it casts; and the inclusion of Flash Boost creates additional attraction when stationary.

The use of Scale Boost 3D holographic film gives a lifelike scale pattern which is especially noticeable when the lure is stopped.

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