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EFTTEX Awards: MAP reveals seven premium feeder rods for all occasions


One of Europe’s leading match fishing brands, MAP, has entered the EFTTEX awards with its new range of seven feeder rods under the Ultra II brand name.

Entered in the newly created Carp and Feeder category, and further enhancing the Parabolix line-up of high-performance rods, they are said to offer the user a premium tool for all occasions.

Sitting above the existing Parabolix Black Edition rods, they are based upon a Nano carbon blank that is stronger yet never compromises on feel, enabling the user to cast further and with more accuracy. MAP says that Nano carbon and its resin is an incredibly robust material in strength, and is almost twice as strong as conventional resins when cured, yet without any change in weight or to the rod’s action. This creates a non-locking action so no matter how hard you pull, the rod still offers cushioning and power to subdue your target.

Not only has MAP fine-tuned each rod’s action, it has focused on how it can create tips that offer true versatility; each carbon tip is softer and more progressive than its previous carbon tip designs, offering enhanced sensitivity and bite indication without ever leaving the rod’s casting abilities compromised.

To reinforce the Ultra II range as MAP‘s most premium offering, each two-piece blank is fitted with oversized guides and a high performance reel seat from industry leaders, Fuji. The unique rubberised handle ensures grip is never lost, no matter what the weather, and each rod is supplied a set of neoprene rod wraps, in addition to a padded rod bag. 

  • Nano Carbon blank with non-locking action
  • Two-piece design across the whole range
  • Anti-slip, rubberised handle
  • Fuji reel seat and oversized Fuji guides throughout
  • Nano carbon tips supplied with all rods
  • 10ft and 11ft models supplied with 0.5oz, 1.0oz and 1.5oz carbon tips
  • 12ft Feeder and 12ft Feeder SUV supplied with 1.5oz, 2.0oz and 2.5oz big guide carbon tips
  • Supplied with neoprene rod wraps 

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