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EFTTEX Awards: German system delivers more soft bait realism


Presentation is a major part of lure fishing. Get it wrong and you’ll simply struggle to catch. Anglers fishing with big soft plastics need to ensure that their rigs are balanced and deliver a realistic action that gets those inquisitive predators to take note.

With presentation being an important factor, German company Pikecraft Fishing has developed the PIKECRAFT – The System Shallow Screw System® & Stinger Rigs that helps to conquer any over-rotation of shads and other soft baits. By changing the position of the shallow screw system angle, it helps shads and curltails to run perfectly without any twist or spin that makes them look unnatural.

  • Perfect running on all shads and curltails
  • Eliminates rotation
  • Instant change system with leads from 3-40g
  • Weights are also available in an ECO-LEAD FREE variant
  • Mount-point above the spin axis of the bait
  • High-quality stainless-steel spring wire, 1.2mm
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No pliers needed to fix
  • Made in Germany

Because of the changeable leads, anglers can use the same bait to fish all depths, from shallow (without weight) into deeper water with a 40g weight. The Stinger System allows anglers to change it up in seconds.

The Stinger System can be used for any bait, which means anglers can have several soft baits in their tackle box with the screw system in place and ready to go. Just add the hooks, says Pikecraft Fishing.

The Stinger System is a perfect addition for any angler who likes to travel light yet have the options to cover different water depths and distances. Forget taking boxes and boxes of lures to the water, just take the Stinger System and rig it how you want. If you need to go deeper and further, simply put on a heavier weight without changing the lure or rig itself. Did you see a fish charge into a shoal of surface-feeding baitfish? Then take the weights off and fish the lure in the upper layers.

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