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EFTTEX Awards: LIVETARGET introduces Ultimate Frog


Award-winning Canadian lure brand LIVETARGET has high hopes for its newly launched baits in this year’s digital version of the Best New Product Showcase – including the Ultimate Frog.

It has been designed to mimic a vulnerable frog exposed in open water, ready to flee. It can be pulled to replicate the stride of a frog in flight. It sits in the water like a resting amphibian at a specific angle.

The legs hinge at the hips, creating an anatomical stride-like action. The body is made of ABS and the legs from TPE and it pulls through the covers with ease.

The Finesse model is stealthy in open runs or when thrown in small holes around heavy mat cover. The Popper version is ideal when surface commotion is needed and it has a rattle to call fish in from a distance.

Sold with one set of replacement legs to ensure durability of the lure.

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