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Magnet-ique! MagMini Double is designed for the modern-day fly angler


The new MagMini Double patch from Magnet-ique has been designed and developed to aid the modern-day fly fisherman.

The UK-based company, which makes the product, says: “With ever-changing conditions which require different presentations and tackle, the MagMini Double is the most versatile fly patch available and is ready to be adapted to suit the needs of fly fishermen.”

The MagMini Double can be hung from a bag or vest using the lanyard attachment point on the hub or you can separate the patch to create a magnet-to-magnet connection allowing you to securely fix it to wader pockets, bag straps or other places you choose. The possibilities are endless.

“We call it creating a hotspot – an easily accessible place to store a selection of important flies or somewhere to simply dry them out before placing them back in your fly box. The MagMini is the perfect helping-hand when changing droppers, dramatically reducing tangles, especially in windy conditions.”

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