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LIVETARGET aims to match ICAST success at EFTTEX with Live Shrimp


It was a winner at the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show earlier this year – can it emulate that success in Europe?

That is the big question for the Live Shrimp from Mustad brand LIVETARGET, which won the Best Saltwater Lure category at the ICAST show in July. Now Europe gets its first look at this winner which mimics a vulnerable shrimp exposed in open water and falling to the security of bottom cover. It can be twitched to create an erratic action or winded slowly to generate a thumping pulse.

The body is made from ABS plastic and is buoyant. Inside the body cavity is a round weight that generates a light clicking sound when the bait is in motion. The legs and swimmerets are made from TPE soft plastic.

The swing weight is strategically designed to rock the bait off balance, which creates a wobble action as the lure settles after a twitch or pull. The position of the swing weight is positioned on the body, enabling a balanced fall, just like a real shrimp when exposed in open water. The lure comes with two weights to adjust the falling action.

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