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EFTTEX Awards: Egerfish leads the way in lead-free terminal tackle


While many manufacturers are belatedly beginning to wake up to the need to supply products that are kinder to the environment, one business in Europe got the message over a decade ago.

Egerfish, the Czech Republic distributor and supplier of terminal tackle, has been making non-toxic products since 1995. And it will be entering the EFTTEX Awards with a selection of ‘green’ carp weights.

Following the success of its environmentally-friendly collection of weights and sinkers, the company launched its LeadFree brand in 2020. “Resistance to toxic materials in fishing tackle has been building for years and it is only a matter of time before more bans come into place around the world,” said Petr Minarik, Export Manager for Egerfish.

“Naturally, many anglers will buy the cheapest product, but with more countries likely to ban lead in the future we expect the demand for our LeadFree products to grow.”

The company’s LeadFree line of weights and feeders has been in increasing demand in recent years and its foresight has put it in a strong position in the market, with the best sales understandably coming from those regions where restrictions are already in place.

Although weights made from other materials can be more expensive, discerning anglers are increasingly moving towards a cleaner environment when choosing their terminal tackle, as they are in other categories like apparel, line and even rods.

Egerfish is among a growing number of businesses that will be recognised for its ‘green’ entries in this year’s EFTTEX Awards, where the emphasis is firmly behind environmentally-friendly products.

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