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Fishing’s Future

Simms joins new owner in Washington to support new outdoor legislation


Vista Outdoor – the new owner of Simms Fishing Products – took the brand to Washington DC to showcase its support of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act.

The group’s Vice President of Communication and Public Affairs, Fred Ferguson, was joined on the tour by Simms’ Strick Walker, and representatives of its QuietKat and Stone Glacier brands, who shared their reasoning with important policymakers as to why the passing of the act is critical.

“America’s Outdoor Recreation Act policies will enable long overdue permit streamlining, update outdoor recreation infrastructure, improve long-range mountain bike trails and increase access to green spaces in shooting ranges,” Ferguson said. “All of these policies have strong bipartisan support and are commonsense solutions to maintain and enrich the places we love most.”

According to the Act’s introduction, “America’s vast outdoor recreation resources play a vital role in enhancing people’s lives and well-being. These resources also provide conservation benefits and critical economic support to local communities and businesses. As public demand to access and enjoyment of Federal recreational lands increases, new challenges arise with respect to regulations, infrastructure, and permitting. Addressing these challenges to meet America’s diverse recreation needs will require new, innovative, and collaborative approaches.”

Ferguson added: “Vista Outdoor and its brands now ask other outdoor industry stakeholders to join it in support of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect public lands as a result of increased visitation, ensuring we sustain the outdoors for generations to come.”

Picture: From left to right: Jeff Sposito (Stone Glacier), Sen. Steve Daines, Strick Walker (Simms), Logan Holtz (QuietKat) and Fred Ferguson (Vista Outdoor).

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