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EFTTEX Awards: Versatile Trident is three items of footwear in one


Polish footwear brand Dry Walker has introduced a feature that gives anglers the opportunity to convert the new Trident into three different types of footwear.

Its unique DIY transformation concept, which allows it to be cut to suit the needs of anglers, will be competing for a prize in the digital EFTTEX Awards which will be judged next month.

Stand-out features include:
• Made of the highest quality EVA material
• Waterproof and very light to ensure comfort
• Adapts to the style of walking
• High degree of thermal insulation
• Modern design
• Equipped with a special mat absorbing vibration on the heel
• All-year-round footwear
• Specialised inserts for insulation up to -30°C
• Anti-slip
• Rolled corduroy collar

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