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Promoting green tackle is ‘super important’ at EFTTEX Awards


The promotion of ‘green’ tackle at this year’s EFTTEX New Product Awards has been described as a ‘super important’ initiative that the industry must engage with.

For the first time in the history of EFTTEX there will be a points advantage for manufacturers who enter environmentally-friendly products in this year’s digital awards.

It is a move that has been wholeheartedly welcomed by Rudi Heger (above), of German-based fly fishing accessories supplier Traun River Products and an EFTTEX Board member. He told Angling International it was a ‘super important’ move: “We all need to face the fact that the industry needs to be greener and anything that can be done to promote that should be.

“Highlighting green products is one of the most important aspects of the Best New Product Showcase and it should be the loudest message we can deliver. The industry has a duty to be as green as possible and at the forefront of producing tackle that is the least harmful to the environment.

“When companies embark on new product development the first question they should ask themselves is its effect on nature. As an industry that depends on the outdoors we have a responsibility to keep it in good shape. It’s our job to do it and the awards for the industry should reflect that.”

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