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Istvan Pal: Why you must enter EFTTEX Awards


Istvan Pal, one of the industry stalwarts behind the first-ever digital EFTTEX Awards, has issued a rallying call to the trade to get behind the project.

Alongside Ciro Esposito (Europesca) and Rudi Heger (Traun River Products), Energofish CEO Pal has rescued one of the most popular events on the European fishing tackle trade calendar.

And he promises the digital event will deliver:
• More exposure than ever before for manufacturers
• A fairer judging system
• More categories than ever before
• The ‘greenest’ awards in the history of the competition

Pal explained: “In previous years, the EFTTEX Awards had a short shelf life and exposure was limited for all those that did not pick up an award. We can guarantee suppliers entering will get more publicity than before thanks to our partnerships with the angling media.

“There will be extensive coverage of all entries – more than previous EFTTEX events could offer – through our use of the many tools that digital has to offer, including the uploading of entrants’ videos. Judging the entries will also be fairer with the task being given to an independent panel who will decide the winners.”

One of the biggest changes is a complete revamp of the categories which have been more than doubled to ensure the event delivers a level playing field where comparable products are judged against each other and Europe’s leading styles of fishing are represented.

“Carp, feeder and spinning fishing are important sectors across Europe and each will have their own categories. It is fairer because feeder rods – for example – won’t be judged alongside a saltwater rod as has happened in the past,” added Pal.

Conservation is set to be at the centre of the show with the award of extra points to companies that enter products that do the least harm to the environment. “It is extremely important to get the message across to the industry that they must be greener – the message starts here,” said Pal.

“These are exciting developments for EFTTEX and I would urge all manufacturers to come on board and make these awards the success they deserve to be. And don’t forget that if you book your booth – however large or small – at next year’s EFTTEX all your entries in the New Product Showcase are free. The basic rate for a booth in Budapest next year is very competitive and will not burn a hole in your pocket!”

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