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How did Berkley get Sick so right? It’s the data, says its Product Manager


As anglers across the Europe begin to get their hands on the new Sick range of predator lines, the secret behind a successful launch has been revealed.

“It’s data,” said Mark van Giessel, Product Manager Line for Pure Fishing EU (pictured below). “It’s all about data – 90% of the work we do on new lines is based on that. With such technical products like fishing lines we have to accurately record all aspects of its make-up and performance and then make comparisons against other models on the market.”

van Giessel told Angling International all this work is carried out at Pure Fishing’s state-of-the-art testing facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa by its team of product technicians. “All new developments are put under the microscope by our top team of analysts in the US to ensure they are the best they can be.”

The combination between the Berkley science lab in the US and its pro anglers in Europe has delivered what van Giessel believes are the best possible lines for catching the most popular predator species in the region.

van Giessel added that he called on the US technicians to come up with a line that met the challenges of fishing for the toothy zander. He explained that anglers like their line to be soft and smooth because they believe it casts further.

“However, the line needed to be extra strong and abrasion resistant too, to avoid breakages when confronted with mussels, rocks and other obstacles where zander lurk in the water.

“And therefore the lines are coated with a proprietary nano-coating of a highly durable microcrystalline polymer which achieves those requirements and delivers what is a unique product.”

Berkley introduced three completely new predator lines under the Sick branding to its retail customers last week at a special 2022 new launch presentation in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Launched in June, the newcomers include the Sick Braid, Sick Monofilament and Sick Fluorocarbon Leader.

The line-up is backed by a ‘stunning’ in-store presentation that catches the eye and educates consumers to help them make the right buying decision.

The very smooth eight-strand Sick Braid has low stretch and high abrasion resistance and that nano coating with microcrystalline polymer. It has been designed for pike, zander and perch.

The Sick Monofilament line is extremely robust, has high knot strength and low stretch. The lower diameter is ideal for trout, while the thicker ones can be used with dead baits for pike and zander.

The third introduction – the Sick Fluorocarbon Leader – has a very strong knot strength and is almost invisible under water, making it suitable for trout, perch or zander. It also provides protection when fishing amidst rocks and other obstacles.

Berkley also introduced the Sick Two in One, two spools containing the braided line and the fluorocarbon leader.

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