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Bajio forms new partnerships to conserve Mexican coral reef


Sunglasses manufacturer Bajio has announced a new partnership in its sustainability programme.

The company formed by industry veteran Al Parkinson has linked with Oceanus A.C., a non-profit body that develops projects to conserve coral reefs, and artist Piper Nunn to help save the coral reefs of Xcalak, Mexico.

For every purchase of the Nato Permit Tail or Balam Coral Reef frames from its new Temples of Change collection, Bajio will donate $20 to Oceanus A.C. and coral will be planted and maintained. Each coral will grow to five square metres, helping to restore vital fish habitat.

Oceanus A.C., based in Quintana Too, Mexico, developed the coral restoration programme to construct coral nurseries and transplant thousands of colonies a year. The programme also promotes the resilience of local stressors and those caused by climate change.

Artist Nunn, who is also a fisheries biologist, will create artwork to support the campaign. It will be featured on Bajio’s Nato and Balam frames.

“In Xcalak, the Great Mayan Reef is only a few hundred yards from the beach and is a critical part of the habitat we fish,” said Parkinson, who founded Bajio two years ago.

“A healthy reef means a healthy fish population, so we want to do our part to protect and renew it.”

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