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Gliss driving WFT sales in North America


German tackle supplier World Fishing Tackle (WFT) is making further inroads into the North American market with its fishing lines.

Line has long been WFT’s best-selling product in Europe. Sales received a significant boost when the company launched Gliss, a thin profile line with disproportionate strength, in 2014. And it is this that is proving a hit with North American anglers.

“Gliss is currently being sold in the US and Canada by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s,” said Mike Brooks, President of Missouri supplier Ardent Fishing Tackle, the distributor of WFT products in North America. “Sales are doing well and growing consistently as a spinning reel technique line.

“In the US it is gaining use for finesse fishing for crappie and river trout due to its ultra-thin diameter and sensitivity. In Canada, it is becoming increasingly popular with ice fishing anglers due to the fact that its thin, round diameter inhibits ice build-up in freezing conditions.

“This is also leading to trial and use by these anglers for panfish. We are pleased with the sales performance and will continue to build dealer distribution.”

WFT’s best-selling line in Europe, KG Strong, is marketed in the US as Strong Braid and continues to be sold there via online outlets.

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