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DG of French trade association: We are planning a national fishing show


The body that represents the fishing tackle industry in France – one of Europe’s biggest markets – has conducted its first ever research into the sector.

The work, carried out by Groupement de l’Industrie Française d’Articles de Pêche (GIFAP), into the French market revealed that more than ten million anglers – 21% of the population – went fishing in the country during 2021 and that the industry was worth more than €550m to the French economy.

The sector employed 7,000 people and had 700 fishing tackle retailers across the country.

One of the major takeaways from the research was a call from within the industry for the resurrection of an all-encompassing event for manufacturers to show off their products to anglers.

Stéphane Sense (pictured), Director General of GIFAP told Angling International: “In the past the association organised the Sapel fishing fair in Paris, but the location became too expensive for many exhibitors and it was discontinued during the 2000s.

“Since then many organisations have held regional events, but there has not been a national show that showcases all types of fishing – sea, coarse and fly.

“Out of the survey we conducted, there was a clear message from the industry that one is needed and GIFAP is in the early stages of organising a consumer event for the trade in 2024.”

He added that no location has been decided upon, but it will be near water and held at the end or beginning of the year. He said that up to 200 of the top names in the industry are expected to attend the show which is expected to attract around 30,000 fishermen.

As with many countries across the globe, the advent of COVID resulted in a spike in participation with one of the main beneficiaries of the lockdowns being internet sales. They now represent between 13% to 15% of overall tackle sales in the country.

Sense added that the most practiced technique in France in recent years has become predator fishing, mainly with lures, which has 37% of the market.

Participation in other types of fishing are:
• Sea 26%
• Carp 20%
• Match 14%
• Fly 3%

Click onto the GIFAP website here to see the full report.

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