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Revealed! Sonik Sport details first products in its new NYTRO range for coarse fishing


Sonik Sport’s aim to double its business within three years with the launch of a coarse fishing brand early in 2023 will raise a few eyebrows across the industry. That target appears especially daunting given deflated market conditions.

But the UK company’s vastly experience management team, headed by CEO Atle Haakonsen, is looking forward to the challenge. “Yes, it’s a bold statement considering the current market environment,” concedes Haakonsen. “But we have been in this industry a long time and everybody knows it is not the first time the market has experienced heavy weather. We know all too well that after these turbulent times begin to ease, so will the mood of the consumer. It is just a matter of time before the market starts growing again.”

The team – which also includes founder Ian McCormack and Managing Director Europe Pascal Vermeulen (main image) – is further buoyed by the fact that coarse fishing, and feeder fishing in particular, has gained serious traction in Europe in recent years. All the more reason, it believes, to expand its predominantly carp business into coarse fishing. And the new launch – exclusively revealed by Angling International back in April – is now gaining full momentum.

“Sonik’s carp business has been very successful,” continues Haakonsen. “The key has been offering high quality products at a medium-plus price point. We will use that same formula for our coarse business.”

The new brand is called NYTRO and will continue Sonik’s legacy for producing great rods, with five new series priced up to around £100 headlining the tackle launch at the beginning of next year. “The emphasis is on total consumer satisfaction. We want every box to be ticked… quality, price, performance and a sufficient mark-up for the retailer so he is as excited as we are to stock and sell these rods. We just know we can replicate Sonik’s success to date and create the same momentum for NYTRO.”

In addition to developing new ideas from scratch, rigorous testing and then fine-tuning the prototypes, Sonik has also had to deal with the disruptive COVID situation in Asia, where factories, cities and even provinces have been in lockdown. “We have faced those issues and are confident we have the right partners to show a full range of samples at our own trade show at Katlov Lakes in the Czech Republic next month,” assured Haakonsen. Retailers can expect to see rods and reels designed for commercials and natural venues. There will also be monofilament line, feeder braid, nets, brollies, seat boxes, chairs, luggage and clothing.”

Sonik’s rod offering begins at entry level with the NTR and IMPAX ranges, which feature carp feeder and pellet waggler carbon rods, while the SOLUS and ARYZON ranges include commercial rods as well as feeder rods for natural venues in the UK and Europe. “We believe SOLUS will quickly gain a lot of momentum as a great value-for-money series,” says Vermeulen. These rods are built with 30T carbon fibre, which keeps the weights low and offers great balance with superb action.”

The powerhouse of the family is the STARKX series which comprises both a method and big river range of feeder rods with casting weights up to 200g.

In the reels category, the IMPAX Super Feeder is designed for accurate distance casting. Available in two sizes, 4000 and 5000, it has a long-cast spool, two line clips, a line guard system and an oversized bail wire – and all for under £50.

Another product likely to generate a lot of interest is the IMPAX ComfiBox. The stable design features 36mm legs, tilting mud feet and a padded backrest. Designed for commercial and natural venue anglers, it retails at just £149.95, with a slightly cheaper model available without the backrest.

Adding to the new feeder tackle range is the Sublime Feeder-8 Braid. “This is a true sinking braid,” says Vermeulen. “We researched the market and found that many of the lines float or barely cut the surface, leading to missed bites. “Sublime has a sinking core that weighs down the line, ensuring there is direct contact with the feeder and hook link. The result is perfect bite registration.” Sublime 8-Braid is available at £24.95 on 150m spools in the most popular sizes – 0.08, 0.10 and 0.12. A Sublime Sinking Feeder Mono and Power Rig Mono will also be included in the range.

Industry veteran and Sonik Commercial Director Ian McCormack is confident that NYTRO is going to shake-up the coarse sector. “I’m really proud of how the team has pulled this together in a relatively short time,” he said. “We aim to replicate the success Sonik has created in the mid-priced carp segment. Having spoken with some influencers and retailers, I am convinced it is going to make people sit up and take notice, It is happening already. And with lots of products in the pipeline we know where this is leading.”

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