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Floatzilla intrigues visitors to ICAST


Floatzilla may sound like the next big monster movie, but it is in fact an intriguing bass fishing accessory introduced at ICAST in Orlando.

This small, plastic, buoyant device is designed to bring a ‘floatational dimension to soft plastics that previously hasn’t existed.’

The product’s inventor, Doug Reed, has been fishing for 40 years. Frustrated by baits that fell to the bottom and remained inactive, he came up with the idea to not only suspend the bait above rocks and grass, but to add natural movement at the same time.

“I didn’t particularly like the different ways used to move plastic baits and wanted to find a way to make them float and move in the water column on their own,” he explained as he took a short break from meeting curious customers.

Reed began by making prototypes in his garage, using a 3D printer to produce samples. But it was when he googled experienced manufacturer and marketing man, Jerry Phlippeau, President of the Flipo Group, that the project gathered momentum.

A year later and Floatzilla was ready for launch. Day one of ICAST was also the first day the trade had sight of the product – and response has been good, adds Phlippeau.

It is available in different shapes, colours and opacities and can be mated with nearly any soft plastic bait simply by twisting its corkscrew fixture into the end. “It makes baits come alive,” says Reed.

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