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GFS brings its ‘unbreakable’ jighead coating to wider audience


Greek manufacturer Global Fishing Solutions (GFS) arrived at its first ICAST last month with the only product of its kind in the world, STARDUST powder paints.

Just a year after entering the US market, the company was in Orlando to talk about its product line – and particularly about STARDUST – a powder coating for jigheads, lures and other accessories that its CEO and joint owner, Theodore Ratzonis, says is unique.

As demonstrated in the video below, once applied it will not crack or peel off even when hit repeatedly with a hammer. And the coating is 98% eco-friendly.

Ratzonis (below, right) started the company ten years ago after learning about the industry during a decade as a writer for fishing magazines and a further seven years working as a technical manager for manufacturing companies, with involvement in marketing and sales all over Europe.

“When I started my own company in 2011 I needed to make something that was different,” he told Angling International.  “I had no desire for copying an existing product so I focused on designs and products that no one had.

“STARDUST can be applied in a wide range of fluorescent colours; it doesn’t need curing, takes only a few seconds to use and doesn’t crack or chip. It really is unbreakable.”

At first, Ratzonis found it hard to get people to believe in STARDUST and his other products. But when manufacturers and anglers saw how easy it was to use and how durable it was, the business began to gain momentum. Today, STARDUST is sold to customers in the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia, as well as Greece and Cyprus.

The US, where lure and jig fishing are dominant, has emerged as the company’s biggest market following a deal with Kim Straley, of Lurecraft, which uses the powder paints in its own products, as well as selling them to its customer base.

GFS is also partnered with Outdoor Channel TV producer and host Ronnie Green, who has provided invaluable exposure for STARDUST, and the company has designed some lures for him in his own brand name.

“OEM is our main focus,” explained Ratzonis. “We also sell direct to retail and we have an online shop. As well as production, we also provide design, logos, marketing and advertising services.

“When a company needs to make its own products, GFS can provide it with all it needs, from design to samples to production and packaging and finally to consumers.”

In Orlando, GFS was delighted with the attention from retailers and media.

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