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Zenaq of Japan unveils concept rod with $12,000 price-tag! Watch the video here


Nothing quite feels like the Naked rod developed by Zenaq of Japan. This is what can be achieved when you set your ambitions high and your price-tag at $12,000.

So, what does $12,000 buy you? The secret behind Zenaq’s Naked NC83 Tuna rod lies in the distinctive rod blank on which it is built, says the Japanese company. The blank carries the ripple pattern of a Japanese Katana sword blade, providing the rod with a beautiful taper, and makes its originality stand out.

“Our continuous wrapping process prevents any deformation of the blank and creates maximum durability,” explains Sales Manager Kenji Sasakura, part of the father-and son-team behind the business. “This concept rod embodies Zenaq’s mantra ‘to give form to essence.’”

The Naked is further enhanced by a series of features that accentuate its uniqueness. Instead of conventional thread, the guides are wrapped in a patent pending carbon fibre to blend into the blank and give the impression of an uninterrupted single shape. A newly-developed hexagonal reel seat, also patent pending, is designed to hold even large reels firmly. The surface of each perfectly smooth component is covered with rubber to provide a firm grip. Rubber is also used to provide a cushioning effect for the reel foot and prevents any movement.

Like the grip, the body of the seat is hexagonal to stop any left to right movement of the reel. This stability transmits maximum power and improves the catch rate. The spacer section of the handle is the titanium blue colour that symbolises Naked rods. Each of the titanium parts has been heated separately to produce natural heat gradations, adding to the rod’s individuality.

The Naked NC83 Tuna is 251cm long with a closed length of 176cm. Average weight is 430g, with recommended lure weights of 60g to 120g. The offset handle has a grip length of 844mm. “These $12,000 rods are made to order and could never be produced by mass production,” says Sasakura.


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