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BKK aiming for greater penetration in USA with more bass hooks


Italian tournament pro Jacopo Gallelli is the man behind the hooks that BKK hopes will take the US bass market by storm.

And on the opening day of ICAST, he gave Angling International Editor Anthony Hawkswell the lowdown on the key products the company is launching for the sector. These include the BKK Glide N’ Shake, BKK Draggin’ Ned, BKK Predator WG Weedless, BKK Heavy Cover and  BKK Feathered Spear.

Gallelli, a bass fisherman in the US for the last three year and a Bassmaster Classic participant in 2019, said he used all his tournament experience to ensure that anglers had all the tools in their armoury to tackle America’s most popular quarry.

“They are made of high quality materials to give anglers of all experiences hooks of the highest quality, right up to professional level. They are designed to give bass fishermen the edge as they are strong, sharp and not oversized. Many bass hooks are beefy, but BKK delivers a strong hook with a lighter wire.”

BKK’s Giulio Bortaloso said that the company launched a range of bass hooks at ICAST last year. He explained: “We did not push it then as it was lacking some key products. These new additions – a flipping hook, a feathered version of our most popular freshwater treble, a wacky hook with a guard and two new jigheads for bottom fishing – ensure we are properly prepared for the sector.”

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