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ICAST COUNTDOWN: These giant eyes are unmissable says Z-Man


Plastic baits specialist Z-Man and jighead experts Eye Strike Fishing have collaborated to produce the DieZel Eye Jighead, made for arming supersized soft lures with big hooks.

The jig is equipped with ‘anvil strong’ Tri-Forge hooks, a newly-shaped jighead, dual bait barbs and a second skirt keeper, but it is the oversized 3D eyes that are its outstanding feature. On the largest three-ounce, 8/0 size, the eyes measure a full half-inch across.

“Over decades of fishing, the most productive lures by far have proved to be those sporting bright, prominent eyes,” said Eye Strike Fishing co-owner Ralph Phillips. “No other strike target can match the eyes for provoking a predatory response. It’s why large, vibrant, lifelike eyeballs dominate the DieZel Eye Jighead.”

The jighead also features a new profile built to maximise the horizontal action of paddletail swimbaits like the DieZiel MinnowZ. “We gave it a pronounced, natural looking nose and rounded chin, so it’s less likely to hang up in cover,” said co-owner David Fladd.

“The base of the head is flattened to rest on the bottom, allowing buoyant ElaZtech baits to tilt slightly tail-up.”

There are more valuable assets around the jighead’s neckline. The collar has sharp, dual bait barbs that keep soft plastics tightly in place. And for adding an EZ Skirt, there is a second skirt keeper or retaining collar.

“Complementing an ElaZtech trailer with a colourful, lively jig skirt is another cool little asset many jighead makers neglect,” added Fladd.

The jighead’s hooks match the rest of its robust features. “While standard hooks are forged on two sides, Tri-Forge hooks have a triangular cross section at the bend for unmatched strength,” explained Z-Man President Daniel Nussbaum.

“Our tests show they are significantly stronger than traditional hooks, which makes a world of difference when you are wrenching on a heavyweight saltwater predator.”

DieZel Eye Jigheads come in eight hook/weight combinations, from 3/8 ounce, 6/0 size to 3 ounce, 8/0 size, each in red, glow or chartreuse. They will be available in August.

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