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ICAST COUNTDOWN: Feel the Rocket’s speed!


Anglers with the need for speed will be purring over the new Abu Garcia Revo Rocket spinning reel.

The feature-packed Rocket lives up to its name with a blistering fast 7.7:1 gear ration – a rarity among today’s spinning reels.

This improved version has a compact and lightweight asymmetrical body that houses a new gear system which is 17% bigger than the previous generation. Hence the Rocket’s extremely quick gear ratio.

This highly-tuned model’s rapid retrieve is designed to fill the gap for finesse applications, quickly picking up slack line on long casts to avoid lost fish and missed opportunities.

The number of inches of line retrieved per turn of the handle increases by model size: 20 – 40 inches, 30 – 43 inches and 40 – 47 inches. Other key features include a strong aluminium frame, a 9+1 bearing system, friction free main shaft and a maximum drag of 11lb.

Abu Garcia, a Pure Fishing brand, will be introducing the Revo Rocket on booth 2544 at ICAST, which begins on July 19th.

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