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Panther Martin arrives at ICAST with new spinner ‘anglers will be clamouring for’


Panther Martin® has been delivering innovative and exciting lures to the fishing public in the US since its formation in 1958.

And one of the oldest family-run companies in the trade will be keeping up that proud tradition at this month‘s ICAST with the introduction of its new InLine SWIVELS™.

“Panther Martin® has created a lure that anglers will be clamouring for,” said the company’s Cecil Hoge. “A swivel mounted directly onto the shaft of the spinner is such a simple, yet incredibly effective modernisation to spinners.

“The integrated InLine SWIVELS™ are attached directly to the wire shaft which goes straight through the blade, like every other Panther Martin® spinner. This removes the need for attaching a standard double eyelet swivel to the front eyelet hoop, keeping the same original Panther Martin lure profile.

“This reduces water resistance and weed snags, making the lures better and easier to cast, retrieve and troll.”

The new lures also have Panther Martin convex/concave blades and are available in ten of the company‘s most popular designs, including Regular Gold and Regular Silver, two-spotted spinners – Spotted Black and Spotted Yellow – four holographic – Tiger Green, Silver Blue, Rainbow Trout and Fire Tiger – and two from its Regular Fly Series – Fly Gold/Black and Fly Gold Brown.

Available sizes are: 2 1/16oz, 4 1/8oz and 6 1/4oz.

Panther Martin® is offering a new six pack of its InLine SWIVELS™ in six of its best-selling colours in two sizes – 2 1/16oz and 4 1/8oz.

ICAST booth no.4602

T: +1 631 473 7308
E: Mauricio@PantherMartin.com
Dealer information here

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