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ICAST COUNTDOWN: Japanese favourite comes to the US


The Yo-Zuri Hydro Monster Shot has been a highly-productive lure in Japan for a number of years. Now it is about to become available in seven colour patterns designed specifically for the US.

All four patterns of the fast-sinking hard bait will be at ICAST, and will also be available by then at local retail shops and online, says the manufacturer.

The versatile Hydro Monster Shot will deliver a topwater skipping action and a swimming action on a steady retrieve. It can imitate a dying baitfish wobble on the fall or produce a darting action when twitched or jigged.

The long-casting lure has a through-wire construction, durable ABS and lead body and triple strength saltwater grade treble hooks and split rings.

Yo-Zuri recommends it for casting to tuna that are feeding on small baits, for Spanish Mackerel on a burning retrieve or for striped bass feasting on sandals or spearing.

The company, based in Fukuoka, has been making lures, lines and leaders for more than 50 years.

ICAST booth no. 1215

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