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Breaking News! EFTTEX 2022 replaced by a digital New Product Showcase


The 2022 EFTTEX show planned for Budapest in September has been rescheduled into next year. For 2022, a totally new, reinvigorated Best New Product Showcase is being planned for this October that will give EFTTA members exposure for their new products.

The EFTTA Board reached the decision after a survey among previous show visitors and the customers of members. That survey indicated that there was a high risk of a low attendance, with the political situation in Europe and the continued threat of COVID being the main issues. However, the show’s organisers remain positive about 2023 and promise ‘the greatest package in EFTTEX history’ when it takes place in Budapest between June 15th and 17th.

The driving force behind the show is a working group of three, comprising István Pál, CEO of Energofish in Budapest, Ciro Esposito, owner of wholesaler Europesca in Rome, and Rudi Heger, owner of The Fly fishing Shop in Siegsdorf, Germany. Pál (pictured) spoke exclusively to Angling International about the show and its future. “We are very disappointed to have to reschedule, but it is in the best interests of the industry. People could not reach a decision right now because of what is happening in Europe, and to have run the show with a small attendance could possibly have put an end to EFTTEX.

“We know the industry would have preferred September again in 2023, but we could not be certain of getting the HUNGEXPO centre. We could not afford to wait so we have decided on June. Only a few exhibitors have asked for a refund so far, which is a good sign for next year and shows the industry wants this to happen.

“We strongly believe that EFTTEX is very important for the industry, but particularly for the small to medium-sized companies. Big companies can run their own trade show meetings, but that investment is not available to everyone.”

Plans for a reinvented New Product Showcase are still being finalised by Pál and his fellow working group members, but it is clear that big changes are in the pipeline. There will be more categories and they will more closely targeted to types of fishing. Winners will be chosen by a group of industry specialists and journalists in each category using a points system. Products incorporating sustainable materials will receive bonus points.

“The awards will be more relevant and transparent than in the past,” explained Pal. “For example, you cannot compare a carp rod with a spinning rod. So the categories will be broken down to make them fairer. Judges will be voting on products they know a lot about. Winning will be more meaningful for manufacturers and more credible to consumers.

“By continuing with the product awards this we will keep interest high until next year’s EFTTEX. We will aim for high media exposure both before and after the awards.”

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